“My favorite part of 4K is the children’s laughter! I look forward to teaching them critical thinking skills, independence and a love of school.” – Mrs. Kac

The 4K  students painted with apples, wrote their names with shaving cream, practiced cutting and gluing, and learned their number one rule: “Never hurt anyone on the inside or the outside!” Great work 4K-ers!

Each year, the 4K class teams up with the 8th graders as classroom buddies. The 8th grade buddies stopped by last week to read stories, and work on measuring with the 4K-ers!

The 4K so enjoyed watching Monie the Monarch spin his chrysalis, hatch, explore their fingers, and fly off into the great unknown!

4K Color Days! Mrs. Kac explains, “Our first color day was Red! We started a color book where we made red picture collages from magazines, red yarn, red paint, red fuzzy balls, red glitter, everything red. We dressed up in red shirts, hats, wigs… we made a Clifford puppet, and read books about the color red.”

4K enjoys cooking Fridays! Applesauce, for Letter A Week, was up first. The students helped peal, chop, and mush apples. They added dashes of cinnamon and brown sugar. They also performed a science experiment with apples. The question was: do apples float or sink? 7 students predicted sink. 5 predicted float. The conclusion was float. Those 7 students cannonballed their apples into the pail of water, but the apple always bobbed back up to the surface. So much fun with Apples!