5th Grade thru 8th Grade Curriculum

Academic Curriculum

Reading/Language Arts

  • Continued focus on vocabulary, spelling, and grammar.
  • Practice written communications skills by producing stories, poems, projects, plays, essays and reports.
  • Oral language developed through speech, drama and oral presentations.
  • Students examine literary texts by exploring characters, plots, setting, theme, point of view and an author’s purpose.
  • Students comprehend fiction and nonfiction texts through discussion, written responses, and the application of comprehension skills.

Research/Creative Writing

  • An elective course for 8th grade.
  • Students learn the fundamentals of writing a research paper utilizing the five-paragraph essay format.
  • Students explore a variety of writing strategies and styles to challenge their creativity.


  • Students master mathematics through inductive reasoning, engaging activities, concise examples, thought provoking exercises, and continually building on what has been taught.
  • 5th grade students continue their learning with Math Expressions
  • Middle School students (6 – 8) use The Big Ideas This program offers multiple pathways through middle school mathematics:
    • The Regular Pathway prepares students for Algebra I in 9th grade.
    • The Advanced Pathway are for accelerated learners who will progress on to Algebra II in 9th grade.
      • Accelerated 7th grade math students are invited to take the course based on 6th grade achievement in math and must have a minimum of a B average throughout the year to qualify to take Algebra I in 8th.


  • Science curriculum meets the Next Generation Science Standards through a blending of Foss and Project Lead the Way
  • Students develop an in-depth understanding of content and develop key skills such as: communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving and flexibility.
  • Curriculum emphasizes hands on, active learning utilizing technology.

Social Studies

  • The social studies program incorporates history, geography, economics, civics, and current events.
  • The focus is on Geography, Government, Map Reading, and World and American History.


  •  Daily Spanish curriculum incorporates listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural activities.
  • Each unit has a strong emphasis on context and conversation concepts.
  • Spanish A, B, I and II are all offered in a sequential progression beginning with 5th Successful advancement is based on student assessments.


  •  All students receive instruction in the basic beliefs of Catholic faith, prayer and worship, sacraments, Christian morality, scripture and social justice.
  • Students participate and serve in various roles at Mass throughout the liturgical year.
  • Students participate in grade level and school wide service projects in the community.


  • Inquiry based teaching – knowing how to find, verify, use, and cite information in print and on the Web.
  • Computer science is integrated into classroom learning and digital citizenship is taught to our students.
  • Students each have their own laptop provided by the school and also have access to iPads in various classes.
  • Smart boards are in all classrooms for interactive learning.

Related Arts Curriculum

Physical Education

  •  Incorporates lifetime sports into the curriculum.
  • Promotes cooperation, fair play, leadership, sportsmanship, and friendly competition.
  • Students have the opportunity to participate in various individual and team activities including: archery, bowling, cross country skiing, and volleyball.
  • Students go to physical education weekly which taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.


  • The curriculum treats art as a subject for study yet allows students to be creative.
  • Students gain an appreciation and understanding of the universal language of images.
  • Student learn and understand techniques and processes using a variety of media. Understanding the characteristics of their own artwork and that of others, as well as understanding art in relation to culture and history.
  • Students go to art weekly which taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.

Vocal Music/Band

  • Music education is provided to students with diverse abilities in an environment that encourages them to develop to their personal best.
  • The curriculum includes singing, creating and evaluating musical performances, and understanding music in relation to history and culture.
  • Students learn a musical instruments and how to read music.
  • Each spring, the students in grades 6 – 8 present a full-length musical play. Performances have included: Aladdin, Annie, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, and The Little Mermaid.
  • Students go to music weekly which taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.