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In December of 2006, Dr. Joseph Bound, the Director of Education for the Diocese of Green Bay, informed the parishes of Corpus Christi, St. Joseph, and S.S. Peter & Paul that they should develop a plan for the unification of their schools because of declining enrollments. The parish councils of the three schools responded to Dr. Bound’s request by establishing committees, which were represented by equal numbers from each parish, to develop a unification plan. The end result of the committee’s work was to create a unified school system that would be independent of any one parish; yet, serve the needs of the entire Catholic community of Door County.

Bishop David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Green Bay sent a letter to Rev. Anthony J. Birdsall, the pastor of Corpus Christi Parish, and Rev. Dominic Peluse, SCJ, the pastor of St. Joseph and S.S. Peter & Paul Parishes in February of 2007 giving his approval for the dissolution of the three Catholic schools in Door County and the formation of a new Catholic School System for Door County.

A Board of Trustees was established and entrusted with the responsibility for establishing the legal framework for the new school, creating a budget, hiring an administrator, selecting teachers, and recruiting students. Bishop Zubik selected the name of Saint John Bosco, the patron saint of Catholic education, for the new school.

The Parish Councils and Boards of Education of Corpus Christi, St. Joseph, and S.S. Peter & Paul voted to close their schools and set the date for the closing on June 30, 2007. St. John Bosco Catholic School became a reality on July 1, 2007 with an enrollment of 158 students from 108 families, offering a faith centered curriculum for four year-old youngsters through eighth grade.

Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. John Bosco School is shaping future leaders by providing academic excellence in a caring 4K-8 environment where God’s gifts are nurtured and where faith is put into action.


St. John Bosco School
•Exists as an instrument of the Catholic Church in revealing God’s word and teaching

•Exists to provide each student with the opportunity to develop mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually.

•Through an application of a faith life based on the principles of the Gospel, encourages the student to be of service to his/her Church and community.

•Provides an atmosphere that shows a respect for God, the people around us, and a reverence for life.


1.Each student will develop a relationship with God through:
a.Knowledge of Christ and the Catholic faith
b.Appreciation and consideration for others
c.Awareness of social justice and concern for the world
d.Active involvement in the preparation and celebration of the

2.Each student will develop a healthy self concept and a desire for continuous learning and self-improvement

3.Students will have opportunities for the achievement of academic excellence according to their God given gifts and talents

4.Students will develop the ability to problem solve according to the spiritual and moral guidelines of the Catholic faith.

Principal's Message

Welcome to St. John Bosco School! We are a 4K through 8th grade Catholic school providing students in Door County with a comprehensive academic and faith based educational experience. I am honored to serve as principal of such a warm and special school community. Working alongside a knowledgeable and professional staff, a caring group of parents, and talented students is a true privilege. The members of our outstanding professional staff are intent on ensuring that all children demonstrate mastery of the curriculum standards. We recognize and embrace the uniqueness of each student and strive to prepare each child in a Christian environment to respond to the opportunities and challenges of the future. We nurture our students, meet their needs, cultivate their interests, and help them grow. We are dedicated to developing lifelong learners where every child is developed individually with his/her learning style and ability in mind.

Schools are in the business of learning and we strive to build our students’ critical thinking and literacy skills. To succeed in the 21st century, our students will need to be able to communicate effectively, problem solve, and have strong interpersonal skills. SJB builds this foundation in our students by offering rigorous and engaging academic programs in the areas of literacy (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), math, science, religion and social studies. Additionally, students are exposed to a variety of arts and specialized skills with instruction in the areas of music (both choral and instrumental), art, computers, Spanish and physical education. Students are afforded varied learning opportunities, and technology is integrated into instruction through the use of laptops, iPads, smartboards, and document cameras.
Education is a partnership between the school and the home and we strive to maintain close contact with our families. No parent community is more caring or more involved than ours! Our Parent Association is second to none in the programs, activities, and support it provides to our children and staff. Parents take a great deal of pride in helping us in our school’s mission, which not only includes the successful academic development of children, but also their social, emotional and faith growth.

There is no doubt that our children are the best around! They embody the spirit of American patriotism, care for the school and community, respect self and others, have a strong work ethic/moral compass, practice their faith and have an understanding that all of the adults associated with St. John Bosco School are working together to help each of them build a successful foundation which will last a lifetime.

We welcome you to our website, confident that it will reflect our pride, serve as a source of information about St. John Bosco and its’ programs and provide access to our staff through email. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Mrs. Dassler, Principal

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