DCMC Press Release:  Door County School Administration, Public Health and Door County Medical Center Continue to Prepare for COVID-19

March 18, 2020 – Sturgeon Bay, WI.  On Monday, Door County School Administration met again with officials from Door County Public Health, the Door County Sheriff’s department, the Sturgeon Bay Police Department and leaders from Door County Medical Center to collaborate on additional communication regarding COVID-19.  The goal was to further share recommendations for the communities we serve as we continue our efforts to prepare for the unprecedented pandemic likely to hit Door County.


The practice of social distancing has become a steady message throughout this pandemic.  Many are heeding this advice and staying home to stop the spread of COVID-19.  However, at a time when many families have Spring Break travel plans, it is important for people to familiarize themselves with the recommendations set forth by the CDC on travel.  Additionally, many workplaces in the county have enacted travel policies which can include such measures such as self-quarantining at home upon return from certain higher-risk areas.  Please use the CDC’s COVID-19 travel page as an educational tool as you consider your travel decisions.

Recommendations for Extended Leave from School

School-aged children are experiencing a new academic landscape through distance learning programs set up throughout the County’s school districts.  With this newfound isolation comes the temptation for parents to set playdates and get-togethers to pass the time and cure boredom.  However, these social interactions are strongly discouraged as we strive to maintain distance among our population.  The American Academy of Pediatrics shares the following tips for maintaining a schedule while under extended school break.

  • Read books with your child. It’s not only fun, but reading together strengthens your bond with your child and helps their development.
  • Make time for active play. Bring out the blocks, balls, jump ropes and buckets and let the creativity go. Play games that kids of all ages can play, like tag or duck-duck-goose. Let your kids make up new games. Encourage older kids to make up a workout or dance to keep them moving.
  • Keep an eye on media time. Whenever possible, play video games or go online with your child to keep that time structured and limited. If kids are missing their school friends or other family members, try video chats to stay in touch.

Also, many schools have implemented online learning and/or learning packets that students are required to keep up with on a daily basis.

The leaders who met on Monday will continue their partnership to plan, prepare, and keep you informed.


Media Contact:
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Information from the CDC pertaining to the Coronavirus