In December of 2006, Dr. Joseph Bound, the Director of Education for the Diocese of Green Bay, informed the parishes of Corpus Christi, St. Joseph, and S.S. Peter & Paul that they should develop a plan for the unification of their schools because of declining enrollments. The parish councils of the three schools responded to Dr. Bound’s request by establishing committees, which were represented by equal numbers from each parish, to develop a unification plan. The end result of the committee’s work was to create a unified school system that would be independent of any one parish; yet, serve the needs of the entire Catholic community of Door County.

Bishop David A. Zubik of the Diocese of Green Bay sent a letter to Rev. Anthony J. Birdsall, the pastor of Corpus Christi Parish, and Rev. Dominic Peluse, SCJ, the pastor of St. Joseph and S.S. Peter & Paul Parishes in February of 2007 giving his approval for the dissolution of the three Catholic schools in Door County and the formation of a new Catholic School System for Door County.

A Board of Trustees was established and entrusted with the responsibility for establishing the legal framework for the new school, creating a budget, hiring an administrator, selecting teachers, and recruiting students. Bishop Zubik selected the name of Saint John Bosco, the patron saint of Catholic education, for the new school.

The Parish Councils and Boards of Education of Corpus Christi, St. Joseph, and S.S. Peter & Paul voted to close their schools and set the date for the closing on June 30, 2007. St. John Bosco Catholic School became a reality on July 1, 2007 with an enrollment of 158 students from 108 families, offering a faith centered curriculum for four year-olds through eighth grade.

Subsidizing Parishes

Corpus Christi Parish, St. Joseph Parish, and St. Peter and Paul Parish are all subsidizing parishes for St. John Bosco Catholic School.