Kindergarten thru 4th Grade Curriculum

Academic Curriculum

Reading/Language Arts

  • Students receive a balanced approached to literacy instruction, including authentic reading and daily writing, allowing students to apply learned literacy strategies and skills.
  • Students become proficient readers by experiencing multiple opportunities for modeled instruction as well as guided, collaborative, and independent practice.
  • Language arts include the areas of phonics, grammar, and listening.
  • Students read and write in different categories and genres each year.
  • Balanced literacy is central to students’ lifelong success, and it motivates students to continue reading even when reading becomes challenging.


  • Math instruction focuses on understanding the how and why to solve problems.
  • K-4 students receive Math Expressions Math Expressions proves to help children make sense of math by exploring, discussing, and demonstrating their understanding of key concepts. Students learn to look deeper and choose their own path to the answers.
  • Students master content through engaging activities that provide deeper understanding, concise examples, thought-provoking exercises, and a continual building on what has been previously taught.
  • Students gain a deeper understanding of math concepts by narrowing their focus to fewer topics at each grade level.


  • Science curriculum meets the Next Generation Science Standards through a blending of Foss and Project Lead the Way
  • Students develop an in-depth understanding of content and develop key skills, including communication, collaboration, inquiry, problem solving, and flexibility that will serve them throughout their education.
  • Curriculum emphasizes hands on, active learning utilizing technology.

 Social Studies

  • The social studies program incorporates history, geography, economics, civics, and current events.
  • Primary grades students focus on family, friends and communities.
  • Intermediate grade students study the regions of our country, Wisconsin history, and early United States History.


  • All students receive instruction in the basic beliefs of Catholic faith, prayer and worship, sacraments, Christian morality, scripture and social justice.
  • Students participate and serve in various roles at Mass throughout the liturgical year.
  • Students participate in grade level and school wide service projects in the community.

Praying the Stations of the Cross is a Lenten tradition. The Stations of the Cross are a special devotional prayer to help us to recall the tremendous love of Jesus Christ as He suffered and died for our salvation. Mr. Newbern, the music teacher, and the 4th grade class participated in the Shadow Stations of the Cross!

The 4th graders did an outstanding job with the shadow stations of the cross.

Posted by St. John Bosco Catholic School on Friday, March 9, 2018


  • We begin with printing letters in 4K, practice is continued in kindergarten with mastery in 1st grade.
  • Cursive writing is taught beginning in 2nd grade and mastered by the end of 3rd grade.


  • Computer science is integrated into classroom learning.
  • In grades K-3 each student has their own iPad to use in the classroom.
  • 4th grade students have their own laptop and their own iPad for use in the classroom.
  • Interactive Smartboards are in each classroom.

Related Arts Curriculum

Physical Education

  • The physical education program is designed to promote lifetime physical fitness and recreational interests.
  • The curriculum is designed to give the students structured physical activities that allow them opportunities to explore a variety of experiences.
  • The program includes physical development, health enhancing fitness, and social skill development.
  • Students go to physical education weekly which taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.


  • The curriculum treats art as a subject of study yet allows the students to be creative.
  • Students gain an appreciation and understanding of the universal language of images.
  • Student learn and understand techniques and processes using a variety of media. Understanding the characteristics of their own artwork and that of others, as well as understanding art in relation to culture and history.
  • Students go to art weekly which taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.

Vocal Music

  • Music education is provided to students with diverse abilities in an environment that encourages them to develop to their personal best.
  • The curriculum includes singing, performing with musical instruments, reading music, creating and evaluating musical performances, and understanding music in relation to history and culture.
  • Students go to music weekly which taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.

St. John Bosco Catholic School is committed to providing academic excellence with a strong foundation in basic skills. The curriculum is built on national and state standards and is updated annually to reflect the growing body of educational research. All classes are taught by a licensed Department of Public Instruction teacher.