Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

St. John Bosco Catholic School is shaping future leaders by providing academic excellence in a caring
4K-8 Catholic environment where God’s gifts are nurtured and where faith is put into action.


St. John Bosco Catholic School:

  • Exists as an instrument of the Catholic Church in revealing God’s word and teaching
  • Exists to provide each student with the opportunity to develop mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually.
  • Through an application of a faith life based on the principles of the Gospel, encourages the student to be of service to his/her Church and community.
  • Provides an atmosphere that shows a respect for God, the people around us, and a reverence for life.

Each student will develop a relationship with God through:

  • Knowledge of Christ and the Catholic faith
  • Appreciation and consideration for others
  • Awareness of social justice and concern for the world community
  • Active involvement in the preparation and celebration of the liturgy

Each student will develop a healthy self concept and a desire for continuous learning and self-improvement

Students will have opportunities for the achievement of academic excellence according to their God given gifts and talents

Students will develop the ability to problem solve according to the spiritual and moral guidelines of the Catholic faith.

Safe Environment

Each person has an inherent dignity as a beloved child of God.  The Diocese of Green Bay is committed to providing a safe environment in our parishes, in our schools, in our Faith Formation programs, and in all of our ministries, especially those that serve children, youth and individuals at risk.  If you want to learn more about the programs and resources available through the Diocese of Green Bay to live out this commitment, please click on the following link: http://www.gbdioc.org/ministry-formation-portal/safe-environment.html